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Practice And Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Huerta on Short Stature

The evaluation of short stature requires expertise to carefully determine the child's genetic potential, their current growth rate and evaluate for all potential causes of poor/slow growth. A critical component of the evaluation is the bone age x-ray which I prefer to review myself as I have found that in approximately 1/3 of the cases, I disagree with the original radiology report.

If as a parent you are concerned about your child's height, an endocrine evaluation will be able to answer your questions and give you a prognosis of what the anticipated adult height will be so you can make an informed decision about potential treatments.

Puberty is a crucial determinant of adult height. Those who enter and complete puberty early will stop growing earlier. Therefore decisions regarding the need for a complete evaluation and potential treatment options should be made ideally before but definitely no later than the beginning of puberty to ensure the best outcomes.

Dr. Huerta on Childhood Obesity

It is a popular belief that obesity is simply the consequence of excessive caloric intake and insufficient calorie burning. While this is true for most cases of mild overweight, experience with hundreds of overweight children has taught me that after they achieve a certain level of overweight, there could be a significant metabolic disarray and hormonal imbalance contributing to weight gain which may be difficult to overcome with lifestyle changes alone.

I am able to offer a comprehensive, individualized medical, dietary and physical activity evaluation and treatment plan to address all aspects of the problem. Dietary/physical activity evaluation and counseling is performed at our center to save you time.

Dr. Huerta on Type 1 Diabetes

When treating families with type 1 diabetes I strongly believe that the parent knows best because they are living with their child day in and day out. After the initial education phase at the time of initial diagnosis is completed, I see myself as one of the team players in a team led by the child and his/her parents. My role is to guide them by offering the most current medical knowledge and technological advancements available to improve diabetes control while keeping in mind that our most important goal is to have a happy, healthy child.